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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

If riding in an airplane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. If you want to experience the element, then get out of the vehicle

15,000 feet in the air

60 second freefall


Friday, 23 May 2008

To shreds you say...?

Traffic jam Irish style on the Catlins coast

Sian's legs are on fire. Today we write to you in shreds. ribbons... We have just climbed the Fox glacier complete with crampons, alpenstocks and nasty hobnail boots. Magnificent scenery (as usual here) but the walk was tough, and we're just gettting over a days horse riding in Queenstown. Manuel and Boris did things to me no male ever has before (they were my horses - S).

It's Isengard in the background! Look at our shoes...mingin

We've been making our way along the south and west coast of south island over the last 2 weeks, lots of driving on waggly roads for Dave so that we could see all the Lord of the Rings scenes and get in all the sights. This was a day trip we did to 'Edoras' a.k.a Mt Sunday. the guidebook said we'd have to cross "a few small streams" which turned into pretty big rivers complete with salmon swimming upstream in them. By that stage we couldn't turn back (having already waded through smaller sreams Hobbit style) so had to strip down to undies and cross the river that way. It was FREEZING FREEZING cold but worth it in the end as we got to see a mysterious figure in white patrolling the mountain top - possibly Gandalf.

Done all the touristy things along the way - visited the Moeraki boulders (150 million year old balls of rock/crystals just sitting on the beach). Climbed the worlds steepest street (and got a certificate to prove it). Tried to see the penguins 5 times but failed, only caught a glimpse of one in our headlights (should have run it over for a better look). Got very close and personal with a seal and Sian had a bit of an Attenborough moment... Went Quad biking over the hills of Te Anau (clocked an impressive 58km/h) and spent an expensive 15 minutes in 'Minus 5' (an ice bar in Queenstown, everything including your glass is made of ice!)


A highlight of the Fjordlands was cruising on the Milford sound. spectacular cliff faces, waterfalls 3 times the height of Niagra falls and a pod of dolphins swimming beside the boat!

More recently we went to Deer park (the place where Aragorn falls off the cliff and the Warg riders attack in the two towers film) but we had more fun playing with the animals :)

I like your pony tail :)

So that's all from us, a big catch up. Hope you're all well at home. have to run now as it's 5pm and we have an 8 hour drive ahread of us to go whale watching in the morning - life remains tough as always for the travellers!

xox Sian & Dave-o

Friday, 9 May 2008

The bees knees freeze when its only 2 degrees...

Safely in Christchurch, NZ. Its beautiful city. Just turning to autumn and they're having their first 'cold snap' of the year. Spent the profits from Betsy on fancy ski jackets and woolie knickers - apparently as we go south it only gets colder. Its just like dublin in the middle of winter, blue skies, leaves turning colour and flying around the place. Charming.

Finished up our time in Oz by camping/fishing and general outdoorsyness. Caught and cooked our own fish on an open fire!

Have been to the art gallery and cathedral and enjoyed an afternoon hiking up the hills that surround the city. Again, the scenery is the spitting image of back home and all the more enjoyable because of its contrast to Australia.

Heading south this afternoon for penguin spotting, skydiving and most importantly - Lord of the Rings things! Fangorn forest.... Isengard and Lothlorien! Barnzer - say you're bleedin' wrecked luv...

(also, we put up some new pictures on the last post for Fraser island etc)

xoxo Les Traveleurs