Sunday, 15 June 2008

If I said you had a nice body would you take off your pants and dance around a little?

Tomorrow we head for the future. Leaving Auckland on Monday at 5pm and arriving in Santiago on Monday at noon...or is that the past?

Spending a relaxing few days being looked after by cousins Brian and Lynn before we go and have been to see around Auckland city and a few other places - Stardome and snowboarding. Snowboarding was brilliant, really fast learning curve and by the afternoon both of us were going down the whole baby slope with minimal falling over!


Before this we had been doing more mad driving. Met a guy in a bar who drove us down to the match in Wellington, had a great weekend despite the deluge of rain with a big gang of Irish from our hostel.

The next day we dragged ourselves onto the bus for the return journey north (bus stopped so we could play in the snow), visited some more volcanic hot spring stuff at the 'Craters of the Moon' and then went to Hot Water Beach. Dave dug us a big hole in the sand and then we sat in steaming water watching the sunset and the stars come out. Followed up with a cold outdoor shower - an interesting thing to do in winter!

Returned our hire car with no problems... We had a little crash into the back of a van. Van undamaged but we broke the front grille of our car and a little black box fell out from underneath. Car still running fine so we didn't do anything about black box. Hasty attempts to glue car back together failed so we went to a scrap yard, picked up a new grille and bent the fender back into place with a hammer. Put black box in the bin. Perfect!


Blogger Sue said...

verry impressed wit the snoboarding - does this mean that the skis are gonna be gathering dust?? All the best 4 de next leg of the incredible journey, Luv moogi

15 June 2008 14:47  
OpenID teamshmolly said...

Hello Dave & Sian! Hope you are both having a fabulous time--from the look of the photos, I am definitely not worried about that! It looks like you are having a wonderful trip--so jealous! Will miss you at the wedding, but will of course toast a drink or five to you both. Hope to catch up with you guys soon! x0xox \molly & Shane

24 June 2008 16:19  

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