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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Calendar Update

We have now updated our Calendar with correct flight dates. Maybe we'll see you along the way?

Cairns - wit de totally tropical taste!

We made it!!!!! 8000km with no major breakdowns (Van and ourselves included). Only took 3 days to sell and we made enough that we were actually paid $100 to do the trip :) Sweet.

Had an amazing time travelling up from Brisbane as we did 2 trips. One to Fraser island and sailed the Whitsundays as well.

Fraser was like something out of Jurassic park. Big 4WD van packed to the brim with 11 people and all our luggage wrapped in tarp on the roof. Driving through muddy jungle tracks, over tree roots and knee deep puddles. Loud techno music and beers for those in the back seats. Tropical rain for hours each day. Trekking through the trees to find a hidden lake. Camping on the beach - SAND SAND SAND.... but it was completely worth it when we were the only people swimming in Lake Mackenzie (clean, clear water so pure you can drink it). Got attacked by dingoes once (they ripped a tent open and stole a bag of Goon - wine in a bag). Had a lovely group of people for the trip which is the most important thing.

Next we went on up the coast to Airlie beach. Camped at a motorway rest for 2 days where we met a family of 10 (8 kids all under 10 years old and tiny newborn baby...) living in a giant renovated bus... how do people do it!

From Airlie we caught our boat "Apollo". This trip was the total opposite to Fraser but just as enjoyable. Sailing on a big maxi racer (used to win lots of races back in the 80's and recently refurbished as tourist boat). Some of the best sunsets I've seen in my life and clear black skies covered with stars. Scuba diving with a giant Maori Wrasse called Priscilla. Hand feeding a friendly possum at Blue Pearl Bay. Food cooked for us every night (Those of you still at home with mothers who make dinner - APPRECIATE IT!) Dave even got to take the helm for a while.

So that brings us to now. Just rented a wicked camper van for the next week to see the sights north of Cairns and then on to New Zealand on the 6th May. Time is marching on!

Missing you all, but as usual still delighted to be away from home/work etc :)

Sian & Dave

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Continuing to make our merry way up the coast and have now arrived in Brisbane. Wasn't planning on it originally but wanted to visit Aisling (travelled with us in Thailand last year and currently living here) and we're glad we did! Had a great night in with her last night where she cooked us an indian feast and then after a few bottles of wine we climbed over the wall into the neighbours jacuzzi :) Bold as brass.

Today we went to the Andy Warhol exhibit, really good comprehensive collection of all his work along with some great interactive exhibits as you can see. The childrens section was the most fun as it had all the multimedia plus a room filled with big square helium baloons to play in! (a recreation of an old warhol exhibit)

Our friend Julia arrived safely in Sydney to compete in the Australian Bog Snorkelling championship, watched her today in full wetsuit/full hair and make up combo on the morning show. Check out her website

xoxo Sian & Dave