Sunday, 27 July 2008

Missing our Mummys

After our flight over the Nazca lines we went to Chauchilla cemetry where there are 2000 year old mummies that the dry salty desert has preserved. Besides the 20 or so whole bodies in the graves the surrounding sand is covered in hundreds of human bones and shreds of woven cotton cloth. We were just amazed at the wonderful condition they were in after twenty centuries.

Next stop on our journey was Huacachina, a desert oasis famous for its sand-boarding, like snow boarding but on sand. We were taken in a nine person dune buggy thrill ride up and down to dunes, then let out at the top of several steep slopes to strap a board on our feet and fly down the hill. The first surprise was when you fell it was hot sand instead of icy snow in your face. I (Dave) fell hard on my final run and its still painful to sit down 4 days later! It was easier to get going then snow, but harder to control your speed.

Following the road north toward Lima we stopped off in the town of Pisco (home of Peru´s national drink - Pisco Sours). On the 15th August last year there was an 8.0 earthquake in Pisco that destroyed 85% of the town. We had been advised not to go because it is in bits but we were glad we did. It was interesting to see them gradually rebuilding almost a year later, and we hope that the money we spent there will help towards their reconstruction.
From Pisco we did a day trip out on a boat around the Ballestas islands, which are completely covered with several species of birds, so much so that they harvest the guano annually for use as fertiliser. The boat trip was alright but the highlight was feeding crowds of hungry pelicans on the beach.


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Mr Swan would be proud of you!! All that geographical knowledge. Off to Dunmore on Sunday so a blissful silence will descend - no internet except for the odd scurry out to the airport. Hasta la vista babies, love, the unwrapped mummy

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