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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Happy Campers :)

As the title says we've upgraded our accomodation to a snazzy ford laser and tent combo. Drove down to Margaret River the other day and went for our first swim in the pacific. Was meant to be a paddle but a massive wave came in and soaked us so decided to just jump in :)

Staying in the leeuwin natuaraliste (?spelling) nature reserve for a massive $6.50 a night. Its absolutely gorgeous, 100 year old woodlands (thats very old in Australia apparently, they were replanted after the colonial people chopped them down), close to the beach and also close to the fancy caravan park about 10k down the road - we make good use of their hot showers and cooking facilities... We're actually turning into our parents.

Saw first proper australian creature the other night, a possum. It nearly ran under the car but thankfully thats the only near fatality of the trip so far.

Lots of love! (and photos to follow at some stage)

Sian & Dave

Thursday, 24 January 2008

In Perth now. Its very hot, 40m is about the farthest we've walked without taking a break. Bought ourselves a tent and a battery powered fan and renting a car in the morning to go south to the cost.

Got picked up at 2am from the airport by two blond Swedish girls dressed in pink. Staying is a hostel in separate dorm rooms at the moment (the Planet Inn). There's a good free bus survace around Perth and went to the Art Gallery (free - trying to stay in budget!)

Looking forward to the Oz day celebrations this Sat - bought ourselves a flag!

talk to you
Dave & Sian

Saturday, 19 January 2008

January - Its the bee's knees when its 35 degrees!!

Hey Y'all,

Its been a lovely week since we last updated. Making the most of our time here out diving... drinking... bowling...!?

The dives got off to a slow start but we're really enjoying it now. Went on a night dive yesterday and I stroked a stingray! (Sian) Had a brief Steve Irwin moment when it swam directly under me but no harm done. Its great that we can go out just the 2 of us and not be stuck in a huge group of divers.

Theres loads to do in the evenings, particularly in a place called Lotus Bar - They do a fantastic fire show every night (3 people twirling staffs, juggling flaming chains between them and spinning poi) and serve delicious buckets for only 250 baht - thats a fiver for a half bottle of rum mixed with red bull and can of coke. Really fires up the spirit... We're much better at staying out late now and have met a nice gang of English, Aussies and Dutch to do it with :)

Having the odd sedate night too, went to the local bowling alley - SIAN WON - and its all done manually - man sitting at the end of the alley to re stack the pins and roll the ball back to you. Very Flintstones.

Lots of Love to all and thanks for the comments, we'll post again from Perth! If all goes to plan we arrive there on the 24th Jan.

Sian & Dave

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Island Adventures...

So we're on Koh Tao now, tiny little island off the south east coast. Having a fantastic few days rest before setting off on the "real" travelling...

Staying in a lovely little hut with all mod cons. Fan, cold shower, broken bum hose. (For those not in the know, the bum hose is what Thais use instead of loo roll.) Ours is a bit dangerous to use if youre dressed. Works ok for a second before the head flies off and high pressure water sprays in every direction. Getting used to it :)

Have met up with plenty of people I met 4 years ago doing the divemaster and went out for pints last night. We're turning into such oldies - 11pm is the latest we've managed to stay out before collapsing into bed. Must be the heat!

Out on the boat most afternoons and progressing the skin baking. Had a few dives too - great to be back in the water doing the one sport that Im still better than Dave at!!!! And the biggest bonus of the boat is theres a tiny ginger cat that lives there. He wanders around on the deck and is super friendly.

Thats it for the moment, Missing you all (but not missing home!)

X Sian (& Dave beside her)

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Hello all from Bangkok

Hey all
We'r in Bangkok at the moment. About to go shopping for a camera.
And then catching a night bus to koh Tao for a spot of diving.

Thanks for the comments.

Sian and Dave

Friday, 4 January 2008

Map of the World

Playing instead of packing

Im playing on the web, setting up our new domain: and writing our first blog instead of packing and doing the other hundred things that need to be done before Monday morning.

4 days to go until Sian and Dave head off on our 8 month around the world adventure.